Clarion Borough has a curbside recycling program. Items that can be recycled currently include glass, aluminum, steel and bi-metal cans, plastics stamped #1 or #2 (PETE, HDPT), and newsprint. Recycling materials must be clean. Newspapers must be placed in a paper bag or tied and placed on top of other recyclables. No glossy newsprint sections may be recycled. If weather is inclement, do not put newspapers out for collection. The collection days are every other Wednesday for the entire Borough.


Clarion County offers one special recycling collection each year. Items to be collected include regular recyclables, electronics, household hazardous waste and scrap metal. For more information, including the date and location of the 2018 recycling collection event, please contact Clarion County Recycling Coordinator Kristi Amato at 814-226-4000, Extension 2800.


2018 Recycling Calendar

2017 Recycling Calendar

2016 Recycling Calendar

2015 Recycling Calendar

2014 Recycling Calendar

2013 Recycling Calendar

2013 Recycling Program Electronics

2012 Recycling Calendar

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