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As part of the Borough’s responsibility to oversee and regulate certain activities within the community, permits are required in order to undertake specific actions. Some permit costs vary with the size of the project, while others are set at a fixed fee. The following list is not inclusive, but provides examples of the type of permits required in Clarion; for further information, contact the Borough Office.

Building Permits are required to erect, construct, alter, extend, repair of occupy a structure including new buildings, fences, storage sheds, porches or decks and swimming pools.

Special conditions must be met if a building permit is sought for a project within the floodplain.

Demolition Permits are required to remove or demolish a structure or a portion of a structure.

Sign Permits are required to erect a sign in the Borough. Some zoning districts have different sign regulations.

Encumbrance Permits are required if a proposed project will result in the blockage of a sidewalk or public street.

Public Solicitation Licenses are required for door-to-door solicitation or temporary sale of goods or merchandise.

Parking Permits can be purchased for a three- month period in certain areas within the Borough on a quarterly basis starting in January.

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