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Building Permits and Inspection

Building Permits and Inspections required under the Uniform Construction Code – PA Act 45 of 1999:

-new commercial and residential construction

-external additions to existing structures

-changes in use of a structure

-major remodeling

-interior renovations which would require new electrical, plumbing, or mechanical services or installations

-accessory structures in excess of 1,000 sq. ft.

-any construction which involves the addition or removal of interior walls, partitions or parts of walls, or interior or exterior load bearing walls or beams

-any structural changes to a building that will affect the means of egress

-installation of new windows and/or doors

Building/Zoning Permits and Inspections required under the Clarion Borough Zoning Ordinance #03-719:

-any construction which involves the expansion or enlargement of any structure

-new construction of porches and decks

-garages and carports

-sheds and storage buildings

-fences or walls

-demolition of any structure

-erection or alteration of any sign

Ordinary repairs or remodeling such as painting, papering, tiling or carpeting, the replacement of cabinets or fixtures, or the replacement of existing windows, doors, roofing or siding does not require a permit.

Before starting any project, you should contact the Clarion Borough Housing and Zoning Officer, Scott Sharrar at 814-226-7707 or visit the Borough Office to determine if a permit and subsequent inspections are required.


The Zoning Code Enforcement Officer is responsible for the issuance of building permits, arranging inspections of construction sites, review of site and construction plans, inspection of rental properties, and enforcement of all building and zoning ordinances. It is recommended that if you are contemplating any improvements or alterations to your home or business, you should contact the Zoning Officer to discuss your plans and determine if any permits or approvals by the Borough are required. We recommend you do this before expending time, effort and money on formal plans or disapproved construction.

Your Home in Clarion Borough
• Obtain building permits for major improvements to your home, and be sure work is inspected and approved.
• A building permit must be obtained and the location approved prior to the construction or erection of fences, accessory buildings, garages, carports, etc.
• Pools must be at least 10 feet from side yards and at least 15 feet from rear of property.
• Trees are not to obstruct sidewalks or obscure streetlights.
• Fences, hedges, trees, shrubs, weeds & vines on corner lots must not be over 3 feet high or obstruct the vision of motorists.
• Care should be taken to avoid driving over the curb, planting strip, and sidewalk causing damage to the right-of-way with a vehicle.
• House numbers must be visible from the street and at least 2 inches in height.
• Weeds and grass are not to exceed a height of six inches. Yards must not be cluttered or littered with rubble, trash, ice boxes, unused furniture, toys, building materials, etc.
• Do not drain swimming pools across a neighbor’s property, water must generally flow into a storm sewer.
• All pools (in ground or aboveground) 24 inches or deeper require a minimum four-foot fence.
• Accessory building are to be at least 15 feet from rear and 10 feet from side lot lines.
• All exposed metal and wood surfaces must be painted or have other protective coatings.
• Unregistered and/or uninspected motor vehicles shall not be parked on any property in a residential district, and said vehicle shall not at any time be in a state of major disassembly, disrepair or shall it be in the process of being stripped or dismantled. A vehicle of any type shall not at any time undergo major overhaul, including body work in a residential district unless such work is performed inside a structure or similarly enclosed area designed and approved for such purposes.

For more information contact the Borough Code Enforcement Officer, Scott Sharrar, at 814-226-7707.

For a complete list of zoning regulations click hereand in the word “zoning” in the search area to see where zoning is mentioned in the Clarion Borough Code.


Clarion Zoning Map 2013



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